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By giving to support us in what God is doing in Honduras you become an integral part of our mission.



We love to hear from you.  We miss family and friends, just to receive a short email filling us in on what is going on in your life is so life-giving.

Brothers and sisters, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you.   – 2 Thes 3:1


Pray for God to provide financially and give us strength to help spread the gospel and for the arrival of our new baby!



To be able to live and work in Gracias, Lempira our budget is $3,000 per month.
All it would take to make that possible is:

  • 30 people partnering at $100 a month
  • 60 people partnering at $50 a month
  • 120 people partnering at $25 a month


There are lots of ways to get involved in what God is doing in Honduras. Just a few ways are:

  • Plan a trip
  • Have a bake sale
  • Tell others about what is going on to help raise support
  • And more. Just send us an email and ask us how you can help!

Thank you for considering how you can get involved in this ministry.

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About The Powells

We are missionaries who love Jesus living in the rural mountains of Western Honduras. We are here to train, support, and encourage local Honduran Pastors and work with them according to their vision to reach their villages for Jesus.



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