Things have been crazy. Missions teams, Pastors training, visiting pastors, writing lessons, preaching,visiting more pastors, teaching homiletics and grading sermons, and to top it all off a week of Kids camp! This is what our month of May looked like this year!

Out of all that we could share about the CRAZY month of May this year we wanted to take a minute and share with everyone what we did at Mercy Christian Academy’s annual summer camp!

First night at camp making team standards!

Cynthia, Mateo and I traveled all day Monday to get to the campground near the country’s capital of Tegucigalpa. All in all it was about 4 hours driving with +/- 2 hours stopping to eat, let mateo out of his car seat to play etc.

Sleeping helps to pass the time!


We spent all day Tuesday in Tegucigalpa buying all the materials we would need for the games and team building challenges that we had planned for so much!

We bought a mountain of used shipping pallets, metal pipes, plastic pipes, nails, rope, tarps, bolts, washers, paper, paint, plywood…

It felt like we bought the whole store!

Wednesday and almost all of Thursday we spent building…

here are a few pictures of the final products:

We built a fooseball stadium!

Giant Fooseball! Midfield seemed to take the most hits from the ball!

We built a giant seesaw!!

The entire team must stand on top and then balance the entire beam with both ends off the ground!


Walk the plank team challenge!

Notice that the planks aren’t long enough to reach across..

They had to engineer the solution using multiple planks and counterbalance!!

We played nine square!!

Keep the ball from hitting the ground when it comes through your square, but you can only touch it twice!

Camp wide capture the flag…

60 students plus teachers!


The train relay.

Ring of fire!

Night time nature walk!

We had so much fun with the kids from Thursday to Sunday with games, hiking, swimming,  but the most important time that we shared was worship and devotion time morning and night with Cynthia teaching some amazing lessons about Our relationship with God, the result of sin in the world and God’s love for his children!

Worship service with Mr Barahona before bible lesson!

We were so blessed to be able to serve the young people of Mercy Christian Academy again this year!

Nothing compares to being able to work together with God and see his purposes accomplished in the hearts and lives of others…

The whole camp including Mateo!





Ps. The kids bus caught on fire the first night of camp at about 8pm while we were in bible lesson time!  We smelled a funky smell and when I along with another leader went to see where it was coming from about 1/3 of the bus was on fire!  We rallied all the teachers and bucket after bucket of water we put out the fire! Electrical wires connected to the starter motor shorted out, overheated and caught fire!

The bus all washed up after the fire with the pieces removed to be replaced.

Nelson and the newly repaired engine. You can see the heat damage in the seats and insides of the bus..




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