SOS Coffee

SOS Coffee began like the so many good things in life, naturally! As missionaries working to help train and empower Honduran pastors in the western Highlands we needed a way to raise money for the Bible Institute and help our pastors to do the work God had called them to. 

We saw that one of the biggest challenges that our pastors face is the instability of the market price for the coffee that they spend all year every year producing only to see the prices move up or down out of their control.

The concept is simple, we buy green coffee from our pastors and take it all the way through the roasting and packaging process to the end market, selling to consumers and other ministries to move volume. Doing this we provide market stability for the pastors, buying their coffee at a fair market price, while sharing in the profits of being able to carry the production of the coffee to end market of selling it roasted, ready to drink or even in the cup.

At the same time the profits obtained from the sale of the coffee on our end, go back into supporting the ministry and training more pastors!

Gallery of S.O.S. Coffee