Many of you are thinking that this is going to be all about my life, but I actually want to give you a glimpse of someone who not only out-Hondurans me but he also out-Gringos me!!

Our baby boy is growing up in what we thought would be a life full of adventure for him, but what I didn’t realise is that HE IS THE ADVENTURE!!

Mateito, as he is known here, is not even 2 yet but he a talking, walking, eating and climbing machine!

And boy do we have a climber on our hands!!

He climbs up into my lap…

Tickle time…

He climbs onto Mommy to watch cartoons

Best seat in the house!!

He climbs onto tractors…

Don’t worry it was off with the parking brake on! Don’t worry Gma…

He climbs on ladders..

Mommy didn’t let him get too far up there!

He climbs the coffee…

King of the mountain!

He climbs into moto-taxis…

“Tatsi Tatsi” (taxi in baby talk) is one of his favourite activities!

Always to be accompanied by his sidekick, Willow!


Whats next chief!?!

And he even climbs on cows!

There they are Mommy!!


These guys were nice enough to let him ride the calf!

More than anything he has climbed straight into our hearts 🙂


I mean how could you resist loving this mug!

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