It has begun!!

Bibles, Solar panels and Coffee!

Another great year of ministry has started here in the western highlands of Honduras!

Going to the mechanic's with Shannon, helping them get geared up for this year of ministry!
Going to the mechanic’s with Shannon, helping them get geared up for this year of ministry!

If you’re wanting to be involved in our ministry here’s a couple ways you can do so…

First we’re gearing up for Pastor’s training school (Interdenominational Bible Institute) we’re going to be taking our 43 graduating pastors to the next level with year two of Pastor’s  training as well as inviting in 25 more pastors to begin level one of training!

Thanks to so many of you giving generously while I was back in November we have already raised the full amount that we need for Pastor Training school!

Pray for strength for the pastors as well as the staff of IBI (Interdenominational Bible Institute) to be able to be faithful to God’s calling and learning together this year!


Next up: solar power for mountain churches!

As many of you know we are endeavouring to partner with three churches that do not have electricity. Imagine that it’s 2017 and their village still does not have access to electricity!

Our plan is simple to empower pastors to spread the gospel by putting the right tools in their hands to reach their communities!

One of the huge tool we can give these pastors is simply electrical lighting!  As always we are partnering with the local village themselves to raise the money. They are raising 1/2 and we are raising 1/2!  Our part is $500 to be able to install solar panels in a church.

If you want to give to this project you can do so securely here! <> (On the Programs or projects area select “other’ and write Clay Powell and solar panels in the specifics box)

You can see the "road" in front of the church where we made the nice set of ruts...
This is a typical rural mountain church in the mountains!

We’re also looking to finish out our families monthly budget as our ministry has grown over the last few years so has our family!

As is evident by almost every Facebook post ever our family no longer consists of  Cynthia and I but also our beautiful son Matthew in addition to the mix along with Cynthia’s grandmother who has also come to live with us here in the mountains. The cooler mountain air is easy on her as she goes through the golden years of her life.

Happy mama and baby!
Happy mama and baby!
This boy likes to eat!!
This boy loves to eat!! I wonder who he gets that from!?!

With more blessing comes a larger need for finances to be able to continue to glorify God in the way we live. Currently we are only $500 a month short of our budget as a family which also includes the cost of our ministry vehicle, maintenance, fuel, car insurance and things of that nature.

The Powell family 2.0!
The Powell family 2.0!

Partially in response to our larger need for finances and God opening doors we are not yet announcing a growing partnership with a few of our pastors from the Bible Institute who are also full time coffee growers..

For now thats all were saying, but be on the lookout in the next few months for the big news!


We are so excited for what 2017 has in store and anxious to see how God is going to provide as we are here working to build His kingdom and western Honduras!

From the Powell family God bless you all…

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